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I’m Kristina!

DAc., LAc., LMT

I am so happy you’re here.

I’ve spent my life studying and teaching yoga, learning how to heal with my hands through massage therapy and acupuncture, and understanding the balance between western science and eastern holistic methods.

For over a decade now, I have been honing my skills and learning everything I could that had to do with the human body, mind, and soul.

I’ve done all this to help you achieve your own personal and health evolution.

I created the Taodharma Method to help ordinary humans become superhuman utilizing my holistic techniques. ...

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What is Taodharma?

Sage cleansing the room, geting in touch with your roots


Being able to open your heart to others


mentally and physically balanced


being able to draw in knowledge and absorb


Tao in Chinese philosophy simply means the "way", the underlying process of the Universe around us, the natural order of things, the principles of Yin and Yang. Dharma comes from Hinduism and Buddhism, also signifying the natural order of things, the underlying cosmic forces, and the inherent nature of reality. By combining my passions and knowledge from Chinese medicine and philosophy, my background in Yogic studies, the studies of the mind and soul, together with the modern science of functional lab analysis, you get my method!