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Ready to put yourself first?

I work with driven professionals willing and ready to reclaim their health, life, and spirituality.

  • You might consider yourself successful yet something is lacking
  • You want to work for yourself yet you don’t know how to get to the next level
  • You’re in a relationship but your communication is off
  • You’re pretty healthy, yet anxiety and stress are starting to weigh you down
  • You’re spiritual but you need guidance and accountability for your spiritual practice
Welcome! You are finally ready to put yourself first and I want to work with you!

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What I do

Unlocking Your Best Self

Body & Spirit - Medical Qi Gong & Shiatsu

I use an energy healing modality called medical Qi Gong which uses both hands off and hands on touch to unblock stagnation in the body and restore free flow of Qi and Blood. I also employ the practice of Shiatsu which is a form of acupressure which works on the Chinese meridians to unlock the blocked pathways in the body. A typical session is between 60-75 minutes, where I’ll also use sound and essential oil therapy where needed.

Body & Mind - Massage & Acupuncture

I blend eastern and western approaches in every session whether we’re doing massage, cupping, or acupuncture. I'll combine techniques for a completely integrative approach, to bring balance to your body and mind, always taking into account your whole being and never reducing you to just signs & symptoms. Acupuncture and massage can help with pain in the body, digestive issues, insomnia, sinus congestions, allergies, and headaches. However, these modalities are best used as a preventative measure to keep the body and mind healthy with regular treatments throughout the year.

Mind & Spirit - Spiritual Counseling

I use spiritual counseling as a way to help you reconnect with your Higher Self and your true purpose in life. Family dramas, relationship and marriage issues, gender identity and sexuality issues, are some of the areas I am passionate about helping my clients resolve. Through shadow work, inner child work, and integration of all aspects of yourself I want to bring you back to your true self.

My Courses


Cupping Course



This is a 4-module course on how to do cupping therapy at home on a loved one or a friend. This course utilizes the Korean cupping method, which is a form of cupping that uses a suction gun instead of fire to create suction. Cupping therapy is used to treat pain, and tension in the muscles, as well as assist in the treatment of common cold, so buckle up for a FUN learning experience.





A Journey Through The Body
This is a collaborative course with Amanda Winkler Movement, where we’ll guide you on a journey through the body from an in-depth perspective you may have not seen before. This online course is for newer yoga teachers, aerialists, and other movement educators craving more knowledge through embodiment practice as well as from an intellectual perspective over a course of several months.


My Channel



Taodharma TV is a channel dedicated to yoga, movement and meditation. My vision is for busy individuals to get a different type of movement and mindfulness practice through weekly classes of a shorter format, 10-15 minutes in length. These classes can be done anywhere and are designed to get you to connect to all aspects of yourself through challenging yet accessible sequencing. I want you to connect to your body through experiencing sensations that arise, not escape your reality. Let the journey begin...


Start a new relationship with yourself now.

During this call we will discuss your needs, fears, past therapies, and your short and long term goals. Sometimes people cry and release during our call. By the end of the call I will identify if we’re the right fit to work together based on our interaction.

Revelation Call


What My Clients Say!


What is the Taodharma Method?

Sage cleansing the room, geting in touch with your roots


Being able to open your heart to others


mentally and physically balanced


being able to draw in knowledge and absorb


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